He started out studying to be a doctor and now he plays one on TV. As Dr. Leo Julian, Dominic Rains made the transition from “General Hospital: Night Shift” to General Hospital, but little is known about his character, other than he’s been cleaning up after Monica Quartermaine’s messes in the OR lately. Apparently that’s all about to change though, as when I spoke with Dominic, he let me know that new light will be shed on his alter ego.

While he’s the first one to admit Dr. Julian isn’t exactly a front and center character, Dominic is happy to work with what the writers give him and is looking forward to learning more about his character’s background. Which apparently the viewers will also get to do in the next week or so, as he teased, “Fortunately enough, they’ve been giving me some good stuff lately that…I’m starting to realize that there’s a darker side to Leo that a lot of people aren’t aware of.” He went to explain, “There’s a lot of stuff bottled in, like issues with abandonment, issues with acceptance, issues with his family, issues with what people have always wanted to see out of him.”

The “stuff” he’s been given to play apparently has something to do with the most prominent character on the show, Sonny Corinthos. Having read nothing but wonderful things about working with Maurice Bernard, I wondered what Dominic’s experience was like. True to form, he had nothing but high praise, stating, “He is by far, you know I don’t want to be biased, I love working with a lot of people on GH you know, but working with Mo is a pleasure. I love watching this guy. I love watching him prepare. I love watching him getting into what he does, you know what I mean? I don’t know, I really like him. I like working with him. I like his aura, I like his energy, I like how he goes about this craft. I like his strength.”

Born in Iran, Dominic and his family moved to London when he was two years old in order to get away from the turmoil resulting from the Iran/Iraq war (his uncle was killed and his aunt was imprisoned during that time). They lived in England for six years and then made the move to the states, ending up in Dallas, Texas. Throughout his entire childhood, Dominic was involved in acting whether it be school plays, entertaining his parents’ friends or taking acting classes with his brother, which his mother paid for with the first check she earned in Dallas.