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Diane and Alexis’s recent foray into the wilderness in pursuit of “Litigator of the Year” was so much fun that I had to call Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) for a chat. Carolyn laughed as I complimented her work in the chick action adventure genre. “I called it Lucy & Ethel meet Thelma & Louise and hit daytime,” she told me.

Then I asked her how she and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) were able to keep a straight face during the shoot. “We didn’t…a lot. The scenes took a long time to get through because they were choreographed and we used stunt people. So, we got to giggle it out during rehearsals,” she said. Carolyn went on to say that hearing the crew laugh while actually shooting made it difficult for her not to laugh. She pointed out that the blossoming friendship between Diane and Alexis has been good for Nancy Lee Grahn. Her character, Alexis, is finally getting to delve into areas like irony and humor, which she rarely gets to work with. Carolyn shared that NLG told her, “I’m having the best time with you.” She went on to say that Diane and Alexis are two smart women who aren’t really attached to anyone are finding tremendous comfort and camaraderie with one another.