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General Hospital weekly rundown for February 14 – 18:

I went out of town and missed Friday’s episode, so my thoughts will only involve what happened through Thursday of last week. Even though I was one episode short, there was plenty of action to dish. Let’s break it all down.

Mrs. Balkan.
Those of us who were suspicious of Suzanne were validated when she was revealed to be the Balkan’s wife. I like the twist, but there are so many holes. First of all, how did Suzanne keep up the ruse of being Brenda’s friend for over three years? Secondly, why didn’t the Hoffmans take out their revenge back in 2007 when Brenda was traveling the world for the charity? It seems like there would have been plenty of opportunities along the way. Thirdly, why did the Balkan need Siobhan to go under cover when he had his wife already on the inside? I’m sure there are more questions to be asked and I hope the powers that be give us plausible answers to them all.

Doing the work for him.

Lulu made things really easy for Dante when she bought tickets to the opera and romanced him on Valentine’s Day. I get that she was following Luke’s advice and accepting Dante for who he was, but you’d think she’d at least bring up the fact that she needed him to be honest with her if they were to reconcile. It’s going to bite her in the end though when she learns there’s still one more secret Dante’s keeping from her. Why wouldn’t Luke warn her since he knows his darling niece Caroline is going to blow the secret sky high?

Saving Carly from herself.

After Carly went around town repeating the same conversations and making the same threats with Sonny, Spinelli and Luke all week, she was grabbed by bumbling guards Max and Milo so she wouldn’t ruin Sonny’s wedding. Does anyone think the Giambetti brothers are a match for Mrs. C.? I certainly don’t.