Looking for love.

Updated May 18:

In support of soaps and independent web series, “Cupid and Eros” writer and director Avi Glijanski wrote an open letter to soap fans. Check it out at Cupid and Eros.

Updated May 13:

Season two of “The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros” featuring Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), who plays Achilles, and his wife Kiera, who plays a mortal named Jo, is getting underway. As they build towards the next phase in the story, fans can expect to go further into the mythological world. Beginning June 6, pop up videos for each of the episodes will be rolled out to further explain the mythology and give behind the scenes tidbits. There will also be interactive components with the characters, such as the opportunity for mere mortals to ask Eros about love and relationships. If you have a question for the goddess go to An Evening With Eros: A Call For Submissions.

If you’d like to help with their fundraising efforts, go to their IndieGoGo page. To watch Bradford as Achilles check out the video below.

Previously posted February 14:

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) has joined the web series “The Further Adventures of Cupid & Eros.” The show follows the two gods as they set out to match people up and keep couples together. Bradford appears in the seventh episode as Achilles. Look for him around the 2.59 mark, as Cupid stops by to help him find love. For more of the series go to Cupid and Eros.