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General Hospital Rundown for the week of February 7 – February 11:

The plots thickened last week as Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day approached, Robin and Terrell got closer and Lucky decided to trust Siobhan. Let’s break it all down.

A father’s love.
As annoyed I can get with Sonny’s self-absorption, he does love his kids. When he talked with Michael about his rape, Sonny was everything a loving, supportive parent should be. I was glad that when Sonny saw Brenda immediately afterwards, he didn’t betray his son’s confidence by telling her what happened. Even though they are getting married and can barely see anything beyond each other, that’s a secret for Michael to tell.

Over and done?

Speaking of Michael, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t see any of his therapy session. Also, I thought we’d get some of Abby this week as well. I think they need to address her issues about Brandon’s attack. I know it was designed to facilitate Michael’s confession, but Abby might have a few feelings on being beaten and almost raped herself. As was touched on in a prior blog, maybe nurse Elizabeth could stop by for a heart to heart. But back to Michael, I’m glad Dante talked his brother down from seeking revenge on Franco. I just really hope they don’t just drop this plot point and instead continue to let Michael deal with what happened to him.

Always right.
Jason warned Lucky not to go to Ireland with Siobhan because he can’t trust her. I feel like Siobhan is trustworthy at this point, but when Jason has a bad feeling about something he is usually right about it. Could that mean Siobhan is still up to no good, or could Jason actually be wrong this time?

The third wheel.

Poor Elizabeth. They’ve really given her nothing to do these days except throw herself at Nikolas. I loved the look on her face when Nikolas offered to get her home from Jake’s, but by offering to get her a cab, not by taking her home himself. Not quite what she was hoping for. However, I’m a little confused. Does Elizabeth want Nikolas because she’s still interested in him or does she just want the security that comes from being with a wealthy prince?