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General Hospital Rundown for the week of January 31 – February 4:

Last week there was really only one storyline worth noting – Michael’s – but of course a few other things happened, mostly surrounding his storyline, that caught my attention, so let’s break it all down.

The payoff.
After months of speculation, Michael finally admitted what most viewers suspected: Carter raped him in prison. The quick flashback scenes of Carter were pretty chilling, so I’m really glad they didn’t show more. Of course, this all came out after Michael saved Abby from her ex-boyfriend Brandon, who almost did the same thing to her. From Abby’s realistic screams to Michael’s haunted look to Jason and Carly’s immediate acceptance to Dante’s guilt, the performances were powerful and heartbreaking. Tears were definitely shed. However, I could have done without all the other storylines that were showcased on Monday, when Michael first confessed. Nothing that happened that day held a candle to what was occurring onscreen with Michael and it would have had even more impact if that was the only story that played out.

Regarding the scenes, Cowboys Fan posted in the daily recap comments, “Lord, when I think about the fuss I made when they recasted Michael with Chad Duell, I’m so ashamed. This young man can act his butt off. He finally confessed what that lowlife did to him in prison. He broke my heart today. If he doesn’t get a Daytime Emmy, they are nuts.” It seems most of you agreed. jl4ever also made a good point about this storyline in a comment under my interview with former General Hospital writer Karen Harris: “Elizabeth as a rape survivor should have been involved in Michael’s storyline from the beginning instead of a new character that has absolutely no ties to the soap.” I don’t necessarily agree about the last point, because I like Abby (who I assume jl4ever is referring to) with Michael, but I do agree it would be a nice use of history, and a veteran character, to have Elizabeth interact with Michael in regards to what they’ve both been through.