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General Hospital Rundown For The Week of January 24 – 28:

Last week introduced a new character, allowed at least one character to retain their intelligence and laid the ground work for an extremely emotional week to come. There was also some humor and more drama mixed in, so let’s break it all down.

Another new guy in town.

You had to know that Shawn was going to turn out to be sort of a bad guy after he so delicately took care of Molly. There were just too many references to ‘what a good guy’ he was. At least they didn’t drag it out, as they quickly revealed he had been lured to Port Charles to work for the Balkan. I wasn’t really sure why he had to beat up Johnny though, so please feel free to clue me in. I think I missed some of the dialogue. Regardless, Shawn has great presence and like Diane, I think he’s quite easy on the eyes, so I’d like to see him stick around for a bit.

The other new guy in town.

I’m still baffled as to why Terrell is going along with Lisa’s challenge, but he’s growing on me. He was pretty cute trying to help Robin with her garage door opener and I liked seeing Robin laugh for a change when the opener made all the appliances in her house go haywire. I don’t want to see her hook up with Terrell though, because I do love Scrubs, but a nice friendship isn’t out of the question. Once he realizes how twisted Lisa is of course. What do you think of him? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Thoughts on Terrell.

Take action.

As much as I enjoy Theo/the Balkan, they need to get somewhere with this already. Enough of him making threats and plotting. Unfortunately, Brenda and Sonny’s wedding isn’t until February 18, which means there are probably still weeks left of the same dialogue. I hope I don’t lose interest by then or that they throw something in there to keep the storyline fresh. I would like to see Theo interact with Robin again.