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General Hospital Rundown For The Week of January 17 – 21:

Last week gave us a casting shocker and pretty much just more build up of ongoing storylines. Let’s get to it and break it all down…

Shocker of the week.
In a week that was filled with major casting shakeups on just about every soap opera, General Hospital joined in on the fun when it was announced that “storyline dictates” Rebecca Herbst will be leaving the role of Elizabeth Webber this spring. I am sorry for the actress who is losing her job, but Elizabeth has been so far on the backburner, unless you are a diehard fan, her absence won’t be noticed much. There’s no word on what the storyline will be leading to her exit, but considering the secret of Aiden’s true paternity is still lingering, it could revolve around that issue. And just what about the kids? As I see it, the only way they would stick around is if Elizabeth is killed off or sent back to the loony bin. But with the Balkan skulking around town, could she become a casualty? Or maybe due to her recent money woes, she’ll just get a high paying job out of town. There’s a lot to ponder. While I have to admit I’m no fan of Elizabeth’s, I recognize history is important and beloved core characters help keep viewers coming back, so her being written out is a little perplexing.

Oh, Brenda. You told Theo you broke up with Aleksander because he was a criminal, yet you’re marrying Sonny, the mob kingpin of Port Charles. Do you really think he’s a coffee importer/restaurant owner, who just never has any customers? Sonny also pulled a gun on you after you startled him in bed. Of course, you dismissed it and even told him it was understandable. You bet Brenda. Keep telling yourself marrying Sonny is a wise decision and that he’s just misunderstood. Then there’s your dealings with Lulu. Why on earth did you think pleading Dante’s case to his scorned ex-girlfriend was a good idea? Lulu broke up with him because he lied about his relationship with you! The more I hear from you, the more I actually side with Theo, whose head was about to explode after talking to you about his son’s death. Of course you didn’t know Aleksander was Theo’s son, so I’ll cut you a little bit of slack on that one. But your self-absorption was so overwhelming, it was hard not to hope Theo gets the tiniest bit of justice he’s so hungry for.