Our writers had their say on what was the best and worst of last year (Best and Worst Story Lines of 2007), now it’s time to hear from the masses. Our message board was used to pose the questions and before we get too entrenched in what’s going on in 2008, let’s reflect back one more time on the hits and misses of 2007.
It’s interesting how the “favorite” and “hottest” winners turned out to be the same character in both genders. Jason took it for the guys (with newcomer Johnny Zacchara a distant second) and Elizabeth won the female category (with devilish Maxie getting her fair share of favorable votes). As for everyone’s idea of what was the best comic relief in what was otherwise a pretty morbid year, Litigator of the Year, Diane Miller, came out way ahead of the crowd. Geeky Spinelli enjoyed several votes as well. What story line brought out the most tissues? You name it, with major characters like Alan, Emily and Georgie taking dirt naps in 2007, it was pretty much an ongoing sob fest. The demise of lovely Miss Quartermaine got the most votes, however. As for the best onscreen kiss, Jason and Liz were clear winners, although voters were torn between the first “I love you” kiss and the lip-lock in the barn during the Black & White ball. It seemed that Ms. McCall’s actions were what got viewers the most angry, whether it was when she stood by (behind the bushes, no less!) and watched Jake being kidnapped or hired thugs to mug Jake and his mommy in the park. Jake’s long, drawn-out paternity revelation also provided angst in our viewes’ lives. Can you guess which character proved to be the most annoying in 2007? Here’s a hint: She wants a baby but doesn’t seem to want to spend any time with her husband. Need more? Okay, she doesn’t want her ex-husband but she doesn’t seem to want him to be with anyone else either. Yes, the fingernails-on-the-chalkboard rambling Caroline Benson Quartermaine Corinthos Jacks was the winner!