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General Hospital Rundown For The Week of January 3 – 7:

Last week Port Charles dealt with the aftermath of the bus crash, while the Balkan continued to hide in plain sight. A lot of good, and some questionable, stuff happened, so let’s break it all down.

The aftermath.
The bus crash resulted in fixable injuries for our beloved main cast members. Did anyone really think Olivia would bite it? She was believably and painfully scared and Dante was suitably anguished about his mother (who at times seemed more like his lover), but I had no fear Olivia would pull through. Someone did die though, but it was just Ali who has only been on a handful of times and her death was so briefly addressed that it didn’t have much impact. But here’s my question about the crash: Why were the kids separated from the adults? For some reason they were in two separate camps and Steve had to keep running between the two to tend to the injured parties. Also, I had a hard time believing Steve would have been allowed to operate after being in such a jarring and traumatic crash himself. Ali’s parents should call Theo to represent them in a lawsuit.

Grace under fire.

Michael emerged as a hero during the crash, as he took charge, organized the kids and found help. He seems to becoming the heart of the show, which is nice considering his character used to so badly want to follow in his father’s mobster footsteps. The poor guy can’t catch a break though, as Carly is doing her best to ruin the one good thing he has in his life right now, which is Abby. I did love Carly’s reaction to Sonny (who thankfully didn’t judge Abby for her profession) informing her Michael’s new friend was a stripper. Her outrage was realistic, yet amusing. Even though Carly tried to pay Abby off to stay away from Michael, she was aware enough to realize she was just like who she thinks Abby is, once upon a time.