The good vibes didn't last long. (

General Hospital Rundown For The Week of December 27 – 31:

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope you all had a fun and safe weekend. Port Charles unfortunately didn’t celebrate the New Year, as they were preoccupied with a bus full of kids and two burgeoning couples crashing on the mountainside. A couple of other things happened during the shortened week as well, so let’s break it all down…

Going to the chapel.

Luke and Tracy’s wedding reception continued, but of course Sonny and Brenda had to steal Tracy’s thunder by telling everyone they just got engaged. I totally understood Tracy’s fury over the timing of their announcement. I know Brenda and Sonny can’t see beyond their relationship these days, but come on! It was someone else’s wedding. Let them have their moment. Of course there were mixed reactions to the news, mostly disdain, but Jason’s was possibly the strangest as he insisted Brenda remain at the penthouse for her safety. First of all, they just got engaged, so they probably would have liked to have spent the night together celebrating. Secondly, the guards can protect Brenda just as easily at Sonny’s place as they can at Jason’s. Besides, Jason leaves Brenda alone all the time, so what good does it do to keep her at the penthouse? And as Dante can attest, Sonny has no problem pulling the trigger when he feels the need to. But back to Tracy and Luke, we got to see more of Tracy’s vulnerability, as she set the prenup on fire once they were alone after the reception. Based on Tracy’s expression upon reviewing it, I’m assuming Luke signed his real name. She then started to cry as she ran over to kiss her husband. Pretty sweet stuff.

The Quartermaine heir.

After Michael turned an ELQ internship down, Edward offered Maya and Ethan the keys to his kingdom. At least I think it was both of them. Or was it just Ethan? I was confused by it. Either way, I’m not sure I buy him wanting a Spencer to inherit the family business he’s been working his whole life to build. I get why he wants Maya to be part of it, because she’s family and he’s trying to make amends, but involving Ethan is a bit of a stretch, even if Edward has softened over the years. Who do you think should inherit ELQ? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Edward’s Heir.