Jackie Zeman (ABC)

The way I figure it, we have two choices tonight for entertainment. (Well, three if you count re-watching today’s sizzling episode of General Hospital!) We can learn everything we ever wanted to know about the New Hampshire primary results, or we can listen to one of our favorite daytime actors on the radio. I’m talking about a Soaps.com favorite, Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer), who just emailed me to let me know her plans for the evening. Specifically, she’ll be a live guest on internet radio’s “Spiritual Hollywood” program hosted by Kate Romero at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (9:00 PM EST).

To tune in, go to BBS Radio and follow the log in directions on BBS Station 1. Don’t stop there, I’m reading that “Call Ins are encouraged” so go for it! The call-in numbers are toll free: 1-877-876-5227 in the U.S.A. and 1-888-815-9756 if calling from Canada.