Merry Christmas to Carly. (

General Hospital Rundown For The Week of December 20 – 24:

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! The residents of Port Charles seemed to fair okay over the shortened week, well, except for Jerry who was shot and fell into the river. His body wasn’t found, so it’s safe to assume he’ll turn up alive at some point down the road. Aside from that bit of business, most of last week revolved around Luke and Tracy’s wedding, which provided us with some good old fashioned soap opera. Let’s break it all down…

Making it legal.
After much doubt, threats from Edward and signing the prenup, Luke and Tracy finally tied the knot. Although, I’m not sure if Luke actually used his real name on the prenup or if he was kidding when he told Tracy he used a fake name. Either way, they are officially Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. Despite the strangeness of the wedding being held in the foyer at the mansion and no mention of Bobbie or Monica, I felt it was well done. Luke’s scenes with his kids encouraging him to go through with it, Brook yelling at her grandmother to get out of her own way and Luke tossing the getaway car key to Alice all made for great entertainment. The best part though was the teary look on Tracy’s face when she saw that Luke actually showed up to marry her. A close second was Edward actually expressing his happiness for his daughter. They were all great scenes and a nice reminder that soaps can still be engaging when they’re just about basic human interaction, with a little humor mixed in.

The wedding guests.
Other things happened at the wedding as well, like Spinelli arriving to inform Carly Dante signed over full custody of a baby to Brenda. She of course assumed the baby was Dante’s and will probably take great joy in using this information to her advantage. I’m genuinely interested to find out what the deal with this mysterious baby is, but I don’t think it’s Dante’s – just my guess. What do you think? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: The Baby’s Paternity.