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General Hospital Rundown For The Week of December 13 – 17:

The big things to happen last week were Jerry’s return and The Balkan’s reveal. All in all it was a good week in my book, so let’s get to it.

The Balkan.

We all had our suspicions about who The Balkan would turn out to be, but no one knew for sure until the actual reveal. I was a little disappointed when Siobhan called Jerry The Balkan at the beginning of Friday’s episode because I thought it was way too obvious for it to be him. Besides, Jerry’s already got like 10 other identities, he doesn’t need any more. So, I was thrilled when Theo called Jerry at the end of the episode with a different accent and confirmed that he was in fact The Balkan. Being surprised in this genre is so rare, that it’s all the more exciting when it actually happens. I like that it’s Theo because he’s a guest star who was brought on with a purpose and will actually drive story. And his whole hypochondriac role of Theo was presumably just a ruse to cover who he really is. Not only does he now have ties to the hospital storyline, but also with Diane and Alexis, as Diane has lured him from the New York Office to work at their firm, and the whole Brenda/Sonny/Jason/Dante deal. I’m actually excited to see what Theo has in store for the good people of Port Charles, so, nice work GH. What did you think of the reveal? Tell us through our General Hospital Poll: Theo As The Balkan.

Jerry Jacks.
I love that he’s back, but I’m so disappointed that he’s only sticking around for a few episodes. While Jax is still trying to figure out how he lost the brother he loved, I honestly don’t care how evil and depraved Jerry’s gotten because he’s such a great bad guy. I think it’s his accent and his way of calmly, almost politely, threatening people that amuses me. He can come on, wreak havoc for no apparent reason and leave anytime he wants and I will be glued to my TV. Although, I’m not entirely clear why he loathes Brenda so much. Perhaps his hatred was just a way to throw us off track regarding The Balkan’s identity.