Keeping secrets. (

General Hospital Rundown For The Week of December 6 – 10:

I’m enjoying most of the new pairings in Port Charles and the newest disgruntled patient at General Hospital, but there is one couple who is getting on my last nerve. Let’s break it all down…

It’s over.
Last week started off on a downer note for Olivia, as she found Lisa with Johnny in what looked like a compromising situation. As Olivia took the scene in, she very calmly told Lisa to get off her knees and get out. I could not have loved that more. I was also thrilled that the writers wrote Olivia smart enough to figure out Johnny was lying to her about being with Lisa. As hot as Johnny and Olivia are together, I am looking forward to seeing where Johnny’s relationship with Lisa goes, as well as Olivia’s with Steve. Find out what Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) said about the break up through my Interviews: The House That General House Fans Built.

Back in love.
As Johnny and Olivia broke up, Sonny and Brenda found their way back to each other. I was digging them at first, but now they are seriously annoying me. They are being portrayed as two of the most selfish individuals, who only care about each other and to Hell with everyone else. Brenda actually said that Sonny was her priority now when Suzanne reminded her about a function she had to attend for her beloved charity ASEC. I was really enjoying Brenda’s return and the upheaval it was causing in everyone’s life, but her and Sonny’s reunion is too much for me to take. I cannot wait until Carly or someone else bursts Sonny’s bubble with news of Brenda’s past relationship with his son Dante. I honestly can’t believe Carly has held out this long.

On a bender.
Dante couldn’t stop thinking about Brenda so he went to Jake’s and hit the bottle. I thought Dominic Zamprogna did a good job of acting drunk and I enjoyed his scenes with Chad Duell’s Michael, who came to collect his soused brother. However, Dante’s feelings for Brenda are much deeper than I expected and it kind of feels like they are moving him away from Lulu, who should be more involved with this storyline. Brenda certainly doesn’t seem to care much about Dante when he’s not right in front of her, so I wonder where the writers will ultimately go with this.