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General Hospital Rundown For The Week of November 29 – December 3.

Last week was fairly uninspiring to me and left me wishing for a few things to be different. Let’s break it down…

Sonny and Brenda went on two dates last week and while I enjoy the couple and have always been a fan of Sonny’s (despite his sometimes getting on my nerves), I couldn’t help but wonder why Brenda was with him. For their first date, he took her to the Metro Court to flaunt their being together in front of Jax and then proceeded to get into a pissing contest with the man. On their second date, he was cruel to and about Spinelli. While Spinelli’s overprotective demeanor and fawning over Brenda is wearing thin, Sonny’s reaction to him was such a turn off. Sonny is also extremely rude to Suzanne, who thus far, has only had Brenda’s and their charity’s best interests at heart. Sonny is obnoxious with three people who really care about Brenda, yet she basically dismisses these people and/or Sonny’s behavior towards them. I know they have history and Sonny’s dimples would be hard to resist, but there hasn’t been much appealing about him lately.

Imminent danger.

Jason finally had the same thought I and many of you had, which is that the name Jack that Siobhan overheard was in reference to Jerry Jacks. It’s still not clear if the two villains are connected, but Jason rightfully worried for Sam’s safety. However, his worry seems a bit perplexing. On the one hand, I’m glad he doesn’t feel the need to coddle Sam like he does fragile Brenda, but on the other hand, I feel like he should at the very least put a bodyguard on her. Maybe not Max or Milo, but someone who could actually protect her. Luckily, Jason was there when Jerry’s thug did come after her (was he intentionally following her?), but perhaps he should be a little more diligent in the future.