Doesn't she look great? (Hallmark Channel)

Weekends are usually odd for the fervent General Hospital fan. We either hang around the message boards hoping for a taste of Port Charles or re-watch the episodes from the previous week just to give us our fix – or both. But in the spirit of the holidays, the Hallmark Channel seems to have given us a gift this Saturday night – an original movie with none other than Genie Francis! Granted, she won’t be portraying our beloved Laura Spencer, but she’ll be healthy and vital and back her beautiful trim self. (Thanks to her Medifast endorsement deal. You can see this story at Genie Francis joins Medifast.) has learned that Genie gladly traveled to Canada in September to film her lead role in “The Note”. It’s a heartwarming story about a love
advice columnist who finds a letter on the beach from a man who died in a plane crash. After reading it and learning that he wrote it to his little girl, she sets out to find a way to deliver the note before Christmas. She decides to enlist the help of her readers in tracking down the girl.