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General Hospital Rundown for the week of October 18 – 22:

The stories this week slightly dragged in Port Charles, but I do see that they are headed somewhere that could be interesting. Here’s a rundown of some of the best and worst moments of the week.

Sonny and Claire, Take 2.
Just after trying to make a go of it again with Brenda, Sonny and Claire are hooking up again. Their date was interesting because Sonny flat out told Claire that if Brenda changed her mind about being with Sonny, he’d ditch Claire again! I guess Claire prefers a man who doesn’t mince words over romance. Claire also promised Sonny that she would not be using Michael to get back at him. They both looked hot for one another at their romantic bistro as they panted over their wine, but it’s tough to tell if Claire really wants Sonny or just wants him in jail. What do you think about this pairing? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Sonny and Claire. Of course, their reunion might not have been possible without off-the-charts crazy Carly!

Crazy Carly.
Since Brenda has been back in town, Carly has been spinning more and more out of control. She has finally decided that she wants to be with Jax and despite his many declarations of love, it’s not enough for Carly. I was really appalled that she thought the solution to her Brenda problem would be sleeping with Jason. Luckily, Jason was sensible and told Carly to not give Brenda so much power. It was totally selfish of Carly to ask Jason to do this – what about Sam? Then after setting Claire and Sonny up, Jax arrived just in time to hear Claire tell Carly she doesn’t want to see Sonny with Brenda. I don’t think Carly is still hung up on Sonny, I think she just wants Brenda gone so she can be the center of the universe again. However, if she keeps up her silly schemes, she’s going to leave Jax wide open for Brenda to swoop in! Quit with the self-destruction, Carly!