How do they know each other? (ABC)

General Hospital Rundown for the week of October 4 – 8:

This week Michael struggled with some major issues, the women of Port Charles took center stage and a major development was revealed on Friday. Let’s dish on what went down.

It’s over, or is it?
The police finally caught up with Lisa and whisked her away to a mental institution to get the medical help she needs. Thank goodness. What I do like is how realistic Robin is being about her relationship with Patrick. She calmly told him that while she loved him, she needed space. I think that’s an honest reaction. She also admitted to herself that she needed to figure out her role in why Patrick cheated. She knows she had been romanticizing her past with Stone, and now that she’s figured it out, perhaps she will have it in her to forgive Patrick and move forward. I’m not excusing what Patrick did, but I admire Robin’s maturity this week and her not immediately throwing in the towel on their marriage.

Sex Education.
Whatever therapist Robin has been seeing for her sage wisdom might need to pay Michael a visit. The poor guy can’t catch a break! He met a girl that he liked and asked Jason for help with finding him a girl to have sex with so he’d be skilled in the real thing. It was a bit odd that Sam hooked him up with someone to help Michael relearn his carnal senses. Michael was unable to even have his shirt removed. He definitely needs real help. With all that he has been exposed to, how can he possibly make a good partner right now?

He loves me, he loves me not.
Sonny finally admitted he would like Brenda back, but doesn’t want to go through all that pain again. That’s a very wise concern-Sonny and Brenda have had a train wreck of a time together. Sometimes love just isn’t enough. I am happy that Sonny was honest with Claire and didn’t continue to string her along. Claire handled his honesty well, but I wonder if his rejection will spurn her to prosecute him again?