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General Hospital Rundown for the week of September 20 – 24:

Last week’s General Hospital had Lucky getting some unwanted assistance in Ireland, Jason playing the straight man as he does so well, and Robin getting into some serious trouble. Of course a couple of other things slipped in there as well.


In order to keep his cover in Ireland, Lucky convinced Siobhan that Ronan found God and turned over a new leaf. She seemed to have fallen for this and is even starting to like him, which seems odd considering Ronan killed her boyfriend. It makes me wonder if Siobhan is also undercover and maybe knows Lucky isn’t really Ronan.

Dante and Lulu decided to come to Lucky’s rescue in Ireland, but they really only managed to almost blow him out of the water. While I think Dante should know better than to just bust in on someone’s undercover work, I see where he would think he could help Lucky. Lulu, on the other hand, really serves no purpose unless she wants to get her brother killed. I really don’t know why she feels she can always effectively come to Dante or Lucky’s rescue. And how can she just keep leaving her job like that? Kate is not that understanding of a boss. What do you think of Lucky’s storyline? Tell us in our Undercover in Ireland poll.

Lightening things up.

Jason and Brenda together in Rome has been pretty entertaining. Jason is really at his best when he’s annoyed and exasperated and Brenda can bring that out in him better than anyone. I also loved that Sonny and Sam knew Jason well enough that they saw how miserable he was in the photo with Brenda. Jason even got Suzanne riled up enough to dress pretty for the hit man. Although, I’m not really sure why she continues to cover up the danger Brenda is in just so she can preserve her privacy. I really think getting Brenda help after being injected with heroin might be more important than making sure it doesn’t leak to the press. I was starting to think Suzanne might be The Balkan, but she did bring Interpol in on Brenda’s latest attack.