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General Hospital Rundown for the week of September 13 – 17:

Even though there were a few bright spots, Port Charles contained a lot of frustration for me last week.

Conflict of Interest.

I really can’t stress how much I dislike Claire and Sonny hooking up. Nothing about them appeals to me and as I said last week, I’m very annoyed that yet another woman who is committed to upholding the law was swayed by his charm. Claire’s whole thing about recusing herself from his case doesn’t work for me either because she’s still a federal prosecutor and her sleeping with the local mob boss sounds like a conflict of interest no matter how you slice it.

Curiouser and Curiouser.
Dante raised a couple of eyebrows last week. First he commiserated with Sonny over using one woman to get over another. This is interesting since, if I recall correctly, he once told Lulu he’d never been in love before. I wonder if they’ll bring this woman on to be a real threat to Lulu. Next, Dante threatened to bust Spinelli for using his hacking skills to get information on The Balkan. This was a tad irritating because he had no problem using Spinelli’s super cyber abilities for his own benefit when he needed to track Franco and prove Sonny’s innocence. But it is curious because it makes one wonder what and how Dante knows about The Balkan. It seems Dante could potentially have some good story coming up.

Single Again.

Brenda broke things off with Murphy, which wasn’t a huge deal since the audience isn’t invested in them as a couple and he didn’t really seem to be in love with Brenda anyway, considering he told her he didn’t need that crazy, head-over-heels kind of love. I wouldn’t mind seeing him pop up again though. Maybe Murphy can come to Port Charles and find that kind of passion with a young lady there. Maxie is really the only one I could see some chemistry with since she’s a little more fiery than the rest and she might be a good contrast to his good guy demeanor.