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GH Rundown for the week of September 6 – 10:

There was quite a bit of humor last week in Port Charles and, as I usually love the lighter side of soaps, it was quite enjoyable. Of course, the drama crept in as well, so let’s break it all down.

My Fair Brook Lynn.

How great was the scene where Alexis tried to get Brook and Nikolas to change their minds about their plan to transform her into an acceptable date for high society events? Everything, from Alexis pointing out Nikolas’ issues, to Brook calling out Alexis for leaving her father at the altar, to Nikolas dryly responding to his aunt, was fantastically amusing. I love seeing Nikolas in a lighter storyline and Alexis being portrayed as smart and funny. I could even start to get behind Brook Lynn if this keeps up.

Robin Attacks.
I wouldn’t exactly call it humorous, but Robin punching Lisa was pretty great. It was totally unexpected and did create a spontaneous chortle from me. I also loved all the zingers both Robin and Lisa threw at each other, even if Lisa’s remarks came from a delusional place. Maxie of course got in a few good one liners as well, especially when commenting on Emma’s drab outfit while at the park with Robin. And again, not necessarily funny, but I was also pleasantly surprised that both Nikolas and Steve were on Team Drake and realized Lisa wasn’t exactly playing with a full deck. As Nikolas so astutely pointed out, he knows from crazy considering his grandmother is Helena Cassadine. For a serious storyline, last week’s Fatal Attraction stuff was pretty entertaining.


Lucky continued to move on from Elizabeth last week and embarked on his new journey of going undercover with the Balkan. His scenes with the Interpol agent were light and breezy and, as I’ve said before, his ‘coloring outside the lines’ assignment will hopefully give the actor and his character room to flex their creative and comedic muscles.