GH Rundown for the week of August 30 – September 3:

I felt GH was fairly boring last week, but I do have to admit I am enjoying Lisa’s craziness more than I thought I would. Even though it wasn’t the most exciting week in Port Charles, some noteworthy stuff did happen, so let’s get to it.

Nice Surprise.
I’m going to credit Brianna Brown’s performance with pulling me into the “Fatal Attraction” storyline that’s happening with Lisa, Patrick and Robin. Despite not loving another strong woman on soaps being reduced to craziness over a man, I find Lisa’s behavior kind of fascinating. She is showing no signs of cracking and is committed to her victim role. She even got Matt to question whether or not Robin could be the one losing her mind, which was a bit disappointing on his part I have to say. I loved that Lisa fearlessly told Mac about her affair with Patrick right in front of him and Robin, but I thought Mac demanding Patrick never see his wife and child again was a bit much. The boiling stuffed animal in Robin’s lab was a pretty amusing nod to the movie and I find myself looking forward to what Lisa will do next.

Out of Her League.

Brook found herself on the outs last week as Carly again demonstrated how superior her manipulation skills were when Brook tried to out her to Lulu. Do not mess with the master little girl. I didn’t feel this storyline really went anywhere though and ended with a definite whimper. I was never thrilled with Carly’s plan to punish the lovebirds, but I would have liked it to have wrapped up with a little more gusto. I was also disappointed Brooke’s time at the Quartermaines didn’t last longer. There was definite storyline possibilities there. However, Nikolas for some reason felt the need to take her in, even after learning what she did to his sister Lulu and they are now getting ready to embark on a “My Fair Lady” type storyline. As I said before, I’m glad Nikolas is in a story that doesn’t involve Elizabeth and I see the possibilities, but I’m reserving judgment for now on this one.