Newlyweds. Courtesy of Carolyn Hennesy.

That Carolyn Hennesy just keeps getting nicer and nicer. She has graciously (and giddily, I might add) agreed to come do our first ever LIVE CHAT on a message board. We’ve set it up for Thursday, October 25 at 2:30 E.S.T. Carolyn says that she is technically challenged, but I’ve talked her through the registration process and now she’s good to go! In fact, she even did a secret drill to familiarize herself with our boards and was busted by someone in a thread! She laughed and said that she was just practicing, but is looking forward to our live chat coming up. But before Thursday rolls around, let me give you Part II of my first interview with her. In Part I, (Part I of Carolyn Hennesy Interview) she answered some of’s fans’ questions, and now it’s time to share the rest of my first conversation with one of our new favorite characters on General Hospital – the lovely Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller).

When I called her house, she told me that today was a “writing day” and that she had plenty of time to chat. Now, I couldn’t let a term like that just lie there in dead air, so I had to ask what she was writing, right? Guess what, our new friend is a prolific author! Not only is she writing a series of fantasy/fiction novels for the 8-12 year old set, her literary agent has secured a publisher (Bloomsbury Publishing) and the first in the series will be in book stores by mid-December! The books are about the myth of Pandora — a young girl in ancient Greece who has modern sensibilities. The working tagline for the series is “A Harry Potter for Girls” and Carolyn told me that the books are full of “crazy adventures.” The project has been in the works for three years and there is already some interest in movie rights. Would she consider appearing in the films? Duh. Yes, “especially if they are animated!” (Now that I think about it, referring to Carolyn and the word “animated” in the same sentence is redundant.) If you want to know more about the books, check out the “Pandora” link on Carolyn’s web site: The Myth of Pandora.

When most two women of a certain age (yes, she and I are the same age…I won’t bore you with the digits but I like to think of our age “the new 30’s”) chat, the subject often turns, ever so briefly, to husbands. Carolyn and I were no exception and it turns out that Carolyn is a newlywed for cryin’ out loud. She married Donald Agnelli on March 31 of this year! She told me that her husband straddles both worlds in that he is an architect consultant and a wonderful actor as well.