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Port Charles Fashion.

We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with GH‘s Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Katt M: Where can I find the white hoodie Sam wore on or around June 24?

A: Sam’s hoodie is by Splendid.

Jennifer C: Who designed the shirt with the open back Carly wore on August 3?

A: Carly’s top is by Faye Afleao from Traffic Women in the Beverly Center.

Nakwisi P: Where can I purchase the blue wrap dress Maxie wore on July 6?

A: Maxie’s blue wrap dress is by Tibi.

MJ L: Where can I find the black sleeveless blouse with ruffles and a slit in the back Maxie wore the week of August 2?

A: Maxie’s black blouse is by Phillip Lim.

Kelli R: On August 3, Lulu wore a dress that was green on top with necklaces going thru the shirt. Where is it from?

A: Lulu’s green tank is by Bailey 44.

Sarah J: I have to buy the brown fitted dress worn by Olivia on the episodes of August 8 & 9. Could you tell me more about it please?

A: Olivia’s brown fitted dress is by Jax from It’s a taupe plaid with cap sleeves and it’s ruffled around the neckline.

Sandy L: Where can I find the necklace Claire wore on August 11? It looked like a cord with crystals dangling on it.

A: Claire’s necklace is by J Crew.

Dez B: Who designed the short dress that Claire wore during the week of August 8 in her scenes with Sonny?

A: Claire’s dress is designed by Diane Von Furstenberg.