Message For The Fans.

Updated August 30:

Leslie Charleson (Monica) is speaking out on her contract status with GH. She is reporting on her Facebook page that she did not intend for this news to be made public so soon. Says Charleson, “I was under the impression that the announcement of my contract status was not going to be released by Soaps in Depth magazine until the September issue and that would give me the time to tell you myself what was going on. I did not want you to find out on the Internet. Unfortunately, that did not happen and yes, it is true. I am officially off contract.”

Charleson also left a positive note for her devoted fans. “I have had the best relationships with you, the fans and I would’ve never had that without “Monica.” There is nothing that I cherish more than the experiences and memories I have had and the special friends that I have made over the years, both on the show and off. I can’t say enough about how much you all mean to me.”

Even though on a recurring basis, we look forward to seeing Charleson’s portrayal of Monica on future episodes of GH. Please feel free to share your thoughts on Charleson’s status with the show below.

Originally posted August 25: