GH Rundown for the week of August 23 – 27:

The past was a major theme last week, as characters relived it, repeated it, or tried to run from it. Let’s break it down.

Oh, Sonny.
Sonny’s ridiculousness continued last week as he defended himself in Johnny’s shooting. I loved Dante (I think it was him) marveling over Sonny using how good a killer he was as his defense – as in, if Sonny wanted Johnny dead he would be. However, his self-defense plea is pretty weak when you consider that Sonny admitted to knocking Johnny’s gun out of his hand, rendering him a non-threat and he left the scene of the crime without getting Johnny help. So, basically, I have no sympathy for him. Then there’s Claire. Was Sonny really shocked and hurt that she recorded their conversations to use against him? As if he could really think she cared about him and that they had a future. It was an absurd plot point to begin with and completely unbelievable that Sonny would be snowed by her considering Claire is a federal prosecutor and it’s happened to him countless times in the past. What are your thoughts about the Dimpled Don? Tell us in our poll about Sonny Corinthos.

Past or Present?

Now, Sonny wants to go to Rome in order to elude prison time and look for Brenda. However, I almost want Brenda to stay with Murphy because she actually seems happy. As much as I want her to start interacting with the rest of Port Charles, I’m not necessarily looking forward to all the angst she will put herself through.

Not the Smartest Cop.
As for Dante, I’m pretty sure Sonny telling him his story so he could decide if Sonny was guilty or not, without being read his rights or without counsel, would negate anything he confessed to. Regardless, Dante believed him and now wants to help Sonny prove Johnny had a gun, which I have to admit I’m little disappointed about.