GH Rundown for the week of August 16 – 20:

Last week’s GH saw Brook taking Carly’s plan to extremes, Sonny acting like, well, Sonny, Brenda getting called out, and Lisa taking the express train to crazy town. Let’s break it all down.

Through a Stranger’s Eyes.
The best part of last week was Suzanne giving Brenda a reality check. She was dead on when she said Brenda was romanticizing her past with a mobster. To quote her astute observation, it’s ‘disturbing and frightening’, especially considering how much worse Sonny is now as compared to a decade ago. Although, the scene of Brenda recounting her past really did highlight her love, dysfunctional as it is, for Sonny, making it hard to believe she would ever be torn between him and Jax. Regardless of which man she truly loves, they just need to get Brenda to Port Charles STAT! And send cutie Murphy with her. For more about Vanessa’s return as Brenda, watch’s video interview with Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo.

Vaguely Familiar.
I found it amusing Sonny had to call Spinelli to do an Internet search on Brenda. I mean, most people can type a name into Google without the aid of a computer genius whom they have no tolerance for. But at least it gave poor Spin some airtime.

Sonny wasn’t just concerned with Brenda last week however, as he also shot Johnny, who never really stood a chance. He looked pretty weak and small time when Sonny so easily pushed his gun away. Was it just me or was the shot of Johnny lying there bleeding the exact same shot they used of Dante after Sonny shot him earlier this year? Maybe they were just trying to reinforce Suzanne’s point about the mobster, but enough with the attempted murder already.

Rogue Cop.
I am kind of intrigued by Ronnie’s behavior in the aftermath of the shooting. His taking Johnny’s gun and putting an APB out on Sonny, lying about him shooting an unarmed man, makes sense for the character considering his dogged pursuit of the Dimpled Don. But is Ronnie and out and out bad cop or just a little skewed? I hope we find out more.