GH Rundown for the week of August 9 – 13:

After much publicity, Brenda finally returned to GH last week in a sort of puzzling way, while Lucky presumably brought Aiden home, and of course other drama ensued.

Memory Lane.
I know it was frustrating for some people to watch old episodes of GH air in place of their favorite soap last week, but I loved watching the reruns during the Brenda marathon. Remembering all those great characters we don’t see anymore – Lucy Coe, Ned Ashton, Alan Quartermaine – and those who we rarely see anymore – the rest of the Q’s, Bobbie – was fun. I especially liked seeing the original Carly (her scenes with Bobbie were fantastic) and original Emily. The only bad thing was, while I believe the acting is much better now, it seemed like the drama and romance were so much more heightened back then and perhaps a little lacking now. What did you think of the classic episodes? Tell us in our poll about the Brenda marathon.

Brenda’s Return.

After all the hype, Brenda finally made an appearance. It was a bit silly that they tried to make her identity into a mystery during her first episode back, as if the woman could have been anyone else. I’m happy she’s back, but I wish they’d just throw her into the mix with the Port Charles gang already. That said, I do like the character of Suzanne being a mother figure to Brenda, since she’s always needed one, and Brenda’s boyfriend Murphy has a lot of charm. I think they would make great additions to PC. I do wonder why Brenda is only thinking about Sonny though and not Jax. Maybe she’ll have a flashback of him this week.

Aiden’s Rescue.
The scenes where Lucky brought Aiden home were touching as he wished he were the baby’s father, which of course he is but doesn’t know it. Now that Nikolas and Elizabeth are back on good terms and he’s excited about being a dad again, it will be tough to watch him eventually give his ‘son’ to Lucky. Not that I don’t want Lucky to be a dad, because I think it will be equally sweet to watch him embrace Aiden as his own, but Nikolas’ quiet pain should be just as affecting. My only question here though is: are they really sure the baby Lucky rescued is actually Aiden? I found it odd Lucky just took the baby being Aiden at face value and didn’t have a DNA test done before bringing the child to Port Charles.