GH Rundown for the week of August 2 – 6:

There was a lot of build up last week on GH as the search for Aiden continued, Lisa continued to wreck havoc, Carly continued to manipulate Brook, and Brenda was discussed. A few other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

Only a Matter of Time.

Patrick is not doing a very good job of keeping the secret that he slept with Lisa. Carly overheard, Steve assumed, and now Patrick told Coleman. Robin’s going to learn about it in no time, especially with how crazy Lisa’s been acting. Lisa was pretty convincing though when she told Patrick and Robin she wasn’t the one who cut up Robin’s photos. Patrick believed her and so did I. I’m pretty sure she is just a good liar, but wouldn’t it be a great twist if she didn’t and someone was setting her up? I had that thought when Olivia left Steve at Jake’s to go see Johnny. He’s always getting thrown over for someone else, so what if he was trying to get back at Lisa for rejecting him for Patrick? I don’t really think they’ll go in that direction and I’m not sure how believable it would be, but a little bit of evil in Steve would make him more interesting.

Spixie Who?
It’s kind of disappointing there has been no fallout to Maxie and Spinelli’s breakup. He was her essential person and she was his beloved non-wife. There should have been a few scenes devoted to their heartbreak. I did love Mac being protective of Maxie with Matt in the hospital though. I don’t think he’ll ever think anyone is really good enough for her. Look how long it took him to accept Patrick with Robin. Speaking of, Mac is not going to take the news that Patrick cheated on his niece too well when he finds out.