GH Rundown for the week of July 26 – 30:

As the lockdown got underway at GH last week, many characters showed their true colors. While some were refreshing and welcome, others left me with questions.

Missed Connections.
I wish we’d seen Nikolas and Alexis interact after the hospital lockdown ended. It didn’t even seem to register with Alexis that her nephew’s baby was missing. Nikolas on the other hand flinched upon hearing about Warren going after Kristina, but then he didn’t seem to care. I know he had his son to think about, but a quick scene between Alexis and Nikolas would have gone a long way.

Speaking of Alexis, why is she championing Sonny being Kristina’s father all of a sudden?

Nine Lives.
Of course Franco is alive. No one looked at the face of the body that plunged to its death or confirmed that it was in fact Franco. I can’t believe Jason of all people so easily believed that he was dead. He really should have known better than that.

I like that Nikolas and Elizabeth have entered the Franco storyline, but I would like to see it play out a bit differently. As ‘in tune’ with Jason as Franco is, he should have known that Elizabeth was important to him and that should have been why he took Aiden, not because the baby just so happened to have the number 66 on his bracelet. The drama would be even more heightened if they actually remembered that Jason loved Elizabeth once and then they could share some scenes together talking about Aiden. And hey, why not bring up their own child together – Jake. Jason and Lucky could also discuss the history between them as they try to track Franco down. It seems like there’s a lot of history to mine there that they are ignoring.