What’s up with Dr. Kelly’s sex addiction? We’ve all been wondering about it, Right? Well, wonder no more. The lovely Minae Noji (Dr. Kelly Lee) promised me that when she was able to discuss her interesting new storyline, she would discuss it with Soaps.com. I spoke with her the other day and she certainly delivered on her promise. As GH fans (suddenly) realized last week, it seems that Dr. Kelly has a sexual
addiction problem (that was brought to life on SOAPnet’s Night Shift and carried over to GH.

Here’s a nutshell version of what’s already transpired: Dr. Ford and the GH staff had to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit against her and it seems to have been her breaking point. For people who didn’t watch NS, Minae explained that afterwards Kelly freaked out and took her clothes off in front of doctors and nurses and started screaming, “…this is your lucky day boys,
come and get it, this is what you’re looking for.”
Dr. Andy (who also suffers from an addiction problem – sleeping pills) came to her rescue by covering her with his doctor’s jacket and pulling her away from everyone.

According to Minae, her character’s history — and the back story to her addiction — hasn’t been revealed yet, but it will be on GH (since NS has gone on hiatus). She recalled some of Dr. Lee’s dialogue for us, “Sex is the one place where I feel absolute power in my life. I can’t rememberthe last time I actually enjoyed sex. I do it and I move on and go for the next guy, but it’s never fulfilling.”