GH Rundown for the week of July 19 – 23:

There was a lot of death last week on GH, as two storylines came to a head, and another one fizzled out. Even though I had a few issues with the way some things played out, I felt it was a pretty good week over all.

The End of Franco?

Franco’s craziness brought Dante and Jason to Los Angeles where he displayed his latest masterpiece, which was a bunch of replicated scenes of Port Charles. Since he’s a wanted criminal it was pretty surprising that Franco was able to move so freely around and plan his show without getting caught. And why did Lulu show up? I am a big fan of her and Dante, but I hate how she feels the need to protect him all the time and that he basically lets her. He is a cop, who went undercover in the Corinthos organization. I think he can hold his own. She got there just in time though to witness Franco fall from the rooftop to his death as Jason chased him around. But was that really Franco? I think probably not.

I definitely enjoyed Franco’s appearance more this time around. I felt the scenes at the museum were entertaining and Franco seemed funnier, which I prefer when it comes to James Franco. While it was decent entertainment, I did feel the story lacked any real consequence or depth. The references to Michael and Carter in prison held the most impact and I hope we can now start to learn more about what happened.

Warren also came to an untimely demise last week, as after not getting what he thought was proper justice for his son Kiefer’s death, he started shooting up the hospital. It’s a bummer he had to die, but these scenes held more emotion than the Franco stuff as they involved much of the cast and affected the characters we care about. Mac was shot, but also saved the day by shooting Warren before he could kill Kristina. Michael went into protective mode by trying to shield his sister from Warren’s madness. Steve, Matt and Patrick went into action as they tried to save Mac and Ethan, who was also wounded. We even got a little more insight into Maya, who couldn’t act because she was in shock, possibly due to her past. Robin and Maxie worried about Mac as he went into surgery, which was touching. Maxie noted she hasn’t always been around for Mac and vowed to show him how much she loved him when he came out of it. I for one would like to see that so we get more family bonding moments between Mac and his girls. Olivia also helped Steve with Ethan, which made me wonder if they were testing their chemistry. And of course, we all probably wondered if she is going to end up pregnant since she almost fainted.