GH Rundown for the week of July 12 – 16:

After finishing my blog this week, I realized I was left wanting a lot more from the characters and stories that were on last week.

Lisa is an Island.

As with other characters needing to be fleshed out, Lisa needs some frame of reference outside of Patrick. I would like her to be given a full backstory or a problem she has to face that isn’t all about Patrick. That said, her post sex behavior with Patrick is the most interesting she’s been. I’m not sure why, but I enjoyed her sticking it to him at the hospital. Maybe I just want her to be full out bad. At least then I’d know where she’s coming from. I admit she’s overdoing it a bit with all the innuendos, but she was right when she said she could make things really ugly for Patrick so he should be careful around her.

Lax Jax.
Franco continued his tour of Port Charles and paid Jax and Josslyn a visit. I wasn’t sure Jax would know who he was at first, since I don’t remember him meeting him last time or even seeing a photo of him. Since he did know who the crazy person was next to his daughter though, I felt he should have been a bit more proactive in his protection of Josslyn, instead of just looking panicked. I’m pretty sure Carly would have done whatever she could to get her baby girl in her arms and away from the deranged artist and his toy monkey.

Crazy or Brilliant?

Franco also visited Sam and Lulu, but Lulu’s visit was the one I enjoyed the most. Franco proved he was smarter than anyone else in Port Charles by pointing out Dante should have some security on her or had been there himself in order to protect her. It truly makes no sense why there aren’t guards on the people who Franco targeted during his last visit. I also enjoyed his explanation of how he could immortalize Lulu for Dante by killing her. That’s where his smarts kicked in again, as Dante would never get over it and then Lulu would be placed on some ridiculous pedestal no other woman could ever compete with. Although, since it’s a soap, she’d probably rise from the dead years later just as Dante had found love again.