GH Rundown for the week of July 5 – 9:

Last week we learned more about two characters, watched guilt eat away at another, and saw the expected from yet one more.

Mother Figure.
It was nice to get some backstory on Shirley and learn why no one in her family has been visiting her. I’ve mentioned this before, but I would like to see her stick around and be the matriarch of the show, since GH is sorely lacking one. Maybe Elizabeth could also reach out to Shirley’s children so we could watch them navigate and hopefully repair their rocky relationship. Would you like to see her stick around? Tell us in our poll about Shirley.

Moving Forward.
I was really happy to see Elizabeth reach out to Nikolas about their baby. While I was open to watching Nikolas go down a dark path, it was nice to see him and Elizabeth getting along and even laugh together.

Meet Bobby.
We also got a little backstory of sorts on Franco, which I think helps ground the character in reality a little bit. We still don’t know all that much about him, but giving him a mother and a real name – Robert Frank, or Bobby, as his mother calls him – at least makes him a bit more real, or as real as the creepy, sociopathic artist can be. While I am still in for the ride, I’m not loving the overkill on the references to what performance art is and all the winks to the fact that Franco playing Franco is all in the name of art itself. It takes me out of the story. I also don’t understand how Franco the character can plan an exhibit and have Wilhelm represent him, not to mention, get a hold of him so easily. Isn’t he a wanted criminal?