GH Rundown for the week of June 28 – July 2:

Even though no one celebrated the Fourth of July in Port Charles last week, there were still tons of fireworks, as Franco returned, Patrick cheated on Robin, and Johnny’s car blew up.

Franco’s Back.

I wasn’t completely won over by James Franco’s first turn as Franco, but I’m pretty excited to see what happens this time around due to the actor’s off-screen actions. I appreciate that he’s doing press for GH this time around (read James Franco Talks to About General Hospital) and that he has spoken highly of working in Daytime since his last appearance. He even credited getting a movie role due to his time in the fast paced world of soaps. In addition, GH taped a live episode on location at the MOCA in Los Angeles, which I can’t wait to see, because of this story arc and he will eventually be putting up his own exhibit of his time on GH at the same museum. All of this, plus his real life mother has joined the cast for a brief period and the mere fact that he returned for another arc, signals that he enjoyed it the first go around. Of course, I would like to see his stints result in higher ratings as well, but regardless, I plan to just go along for the ride this time and enjoy it for what it is – whether it’s performance art or just plain old acting. Basically, I respect James for respecting soaps and shining the spotlight on the medium.

Repeating the Past.
It wasn’t all about Franco last week though, as Sonny ignored warnings that he would be repeating his past with Lily and her father by planting a bomb in Johnny’s car. (Even Milo pointed that out.) Low and behold, Kristina happened to be near the car when it exploded. Her fate as of today is still unknown and I’m not sure if Sonny will ever learn, but maybe this will be a wakeup call for him. Probably not though. I have to give kudos to Maurice Benard, as his expression when Sonny learned Kristina had gone to Johnny’s as the bomb was about to go off was a perfect mix of terror and panic.