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Blurring the Lines.

He’s been making his presence known on General Hospital by sending Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Carly (Laura Wright) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) photos of dead bodies over the last couple of weeks, but on June 30 Franco finally re-appears. recently had the opportunity to talk to Franco’s portrayer, James Franco, about his return, which he indicated would span 15 – 20 episodes. We only had a few minutes with the actor, as he was preparing to go on The View, but we were able to find out what’s in store for Franco and the object of his obsession Jason Morgan.
We last saw Franco in February. What has he been doing since then?

James Franco: The last time Franco was on he was rejected by Jason Morgan. Franco is an artist who does a lot of work centered on death and he had this idea that he would work in conjunction with Jason and Jason would perform murders and then Franco would turn them into art, but Jason wanted nothing to do with that plan and so Franco blew up his own studio and left Port Charles. Since then Franco has been planning his revenge. So now he has returned to Port Charles and I think he’s kind of making his presence known. He is going to have an art show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. This is a very public show, which involves sculptures that are re-creations of the set, or the locations, where he interacted with Jason Morgan. Part of this show is to lure Jason Morgan to Los Angeles, to this show, in order to then murder Jason and film it as art. He also seems focused on Maxie. What is his interest in her?

James Franco: I have to say I love all those Maxie scenes, but I think it all leads back to Jason. So it’s really about her connection to Jason. You know, Franco’s selection of Maxie and his subsequent interactions with her are all just to lure Jason to the art show. Does Franco also have a connection to Brenda?

This time around it’s really just…it’s all to get Jason.