GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Genie Francis as Laura Spencer. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
Credit: ABC

General Hospital’s Tuesday, May 16, episode was filled with drama as Haven tried to once again sabotage Sasha during her comeback appearance on Home & Heart and in the midst of it all, someone very close to one of the ABC soap’s legendary star’s made an appearance that played into Cody’s attempt to rush to his friend’s rescue. As Sasha took the stage, she began to hear a crying baby in her earpiece. Lucy and Brook Lynn, who were standing on the sidelines, could tell that something was wrong with Sasha, as could a couple of staff members from the show.

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In fact, Cody was there as well and approached the producer and his personal assistant, Julie, and started to remove his clothes and threatened to streak across the stage if they didn’t cut the sound immediately. The producer finally gave in and snapped at Julie, who was forced to do as he stated and then later informed Brook Lynn, Lucy and Sasha that she had caller who wanted to speak to her and swore it wasn’t a stunt. In the end, Sasha pushed through and faced her fears and felt as though she had taken a step in the right direction toward taking control of her life once again.

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So, did you happen to recognize who the actress playing Julie was? That was Eliza Frakes, Genie Francis’ daughter with husband Jonathan Frakes! It’s always fun to see the stars’ kids turn up on the soap and we’ve seen a few over the years, including Maurice Benard’s son Joshua as Adam, as well as playing a younger version of his father’s character, Sonny.

If you missed Frakes’ appearance, you can get another peek in the clip below that ABC soap posted on their Instagram.

And view a throwback photo of Francis with her daughter in our gallery featuring soap stars and their real-life kids.