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Credit: ABC

This is when we really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like General Hospital may be letting Kin Shriner go as Scotty is written out of the show. It’s not something we were expecting at all — one viewer even mentioned having to double check that it wasn’t April 1 — but that’s what Shriner himself tweeted to thousands of heartbroken fans. 

“I just found out Scotty was written out,” he wrote on Twitter. “I thank you, General Hospital fans, for decades of supporting me!!”

The reaction from those fans, as you may imagine, was swift and vociferous. Many had a hard time believing it, while others demanded that General Hospital see to it that he stays around. Some even wondered if this was due to the writer’s strike.

And it’s hard to ignore the fact that this news happened so close to the heartbreaking revelation that Jacklyn Zeman had passed away. Her Bobbie first came to Port Charles determined to wrest Scott away from Laura.

That, of course, was just one of many incredible storylines Shriner’s played over the years. It’s hard to believe he may have played his last one. Take a look at our Scotty photo gallery to revisit his stories before his exit.

Shriner, himself, didn’t offer much more information, nor did the show comment despite dozens of irate fans tagging the official account wanting an explanation or a promise that this wouldn’t happen.

This wouldn’t be the first time Shriner’s stepped away, of course, whether for long or short stints. He’s been off-screen a few times ever since he brought Scotty back to Port Charles in February of 2013 after a five-year absence. If Shriner is indeed out, all we can hope is that this time his exit won’t be nearly as long as that one.

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