GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Sofia Mattsson as Sasha Gilmore. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
Credit: ABC

This week, viewers could see the look of panic all over Sasha’s face when Maxie reported that she was sick and needed her to step in and take her place during their spot on Home & Heart. Though Sasha was stunned and didn’t want to relive the nervous breakdown she had the last time she appeared on the show, Maxie reminded her friend that she was the face of Deception and a do-over would give her a redemption story with the audience. Sasha knew Maxie was right and decided to do it for the company, herself and as a way to start her life again.

And now that that’s all settled, this means that two very special guest stars will be returning to the ABC soap. Former One Life to Live favorite Susan Batten (Luna) will be back as Flora Gardens, along with Morgan Fairchild as Haven de Havilland, the home-shopping celebs.

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Fans will recall that the last time the ladies appeared, in July of 2022, while on air, Flora had asked Sasha if she could demonstrate a baby papoose that she designed. However, after Sasha had the papoose on, she began to go into shock and called the fake baby, Liam — the son she and Brando lost. Lucy snapped at Haven for not letting them know that Sasha would be selling baby products, and Flora became upset, not having known about Sasha’s son, and decided to take a break from Home & Heart.

Sasha and the papoose GH

However, Sasha has faced her demons and appears to be doing well these days. And though she’ll always carry around the pain of losing little Liam, as she stated, doing this appearance is taking a step toward a new life. With that said, one can never know what will happen on live TV so stay tuned!

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