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To quote Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, “People come and go so quickly here!” That was certainly the case on General Hospital, as fans who had only just gotten used to Ethan’s new, very blond look found out that Luke’s recast son would not be sticking around!

When Holly, Felicia and Tracy’s latest adventure found them engaged in a bidding war against unseen nefarious baddies hoping to pay for the honor of ending Ethan’s life, we assumed the ladies would emerge triumphant. Sure enough, Tracy secured the “right” to do away with Ethan — as played by daytime newcomer James Ryan. The good guys made a mistake and it seemed they’d all be heading back to Port Charles… at least until Holly’s son dropped a bit of bad news into her lap.

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“I’m sorry, Mum,” he said, taking Holly’s hand into his own and looking her in the eye. “I can’t stay with you in Port Charles. “Too many people after me. It’s best I continue to Australia, where I know the players.”

“I want more time with you!” she admitted, prompting Ethan to promise this would only be farewell for now. And that, it seemed, was that. The next time we saw Holly, she was interrupting a rather close moment between Robert and Diane. Which leaves us to wonder…

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… just how long will Holly stick around this time? The show has clearly been setting up a potential Diane/Robert pairing of late, and Emma Samms’ recent visits having been of the short-term variety. While we’d love nothing more than to see General Hospital play a full-blown triangle with Holly, Robert and Diane, something tells us it won’t be long before Ethan’s mom decides go join her son in pursuing his off-screen adventures.

After, of course, she helps in the efforts to bring down Victor Cassadine. Like so many of the other players in this overarching umbrella story, Holly has good reason to want to see the kidnapping patriarch brought down. He was, after all, responsible for Ethan’s head being offered up to the highest bidder. And, like both Laura and Tracy, Holly was very much enamored of Luke, whose supposed death — and yes, we’re still not convinced he’s actually gone — set this latest version of the Ice Princess story in motion.

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