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Last week, we reported that viewers won’t be seeing Blaze anymore on General Hospital, as the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest stated that Jacqueline Grace Lopez had exited the role as Port Charles’ latest songbird.

“And with that, my arc on General Hospital has come to an end,” Lopez later shared on her Instagram and talked about how she felt “a little overwhelmed walking off set” on her final day. In fact, she credited the role for changing her life in “so many ways” and will forever be grateful for all of the friends she made and how she’s grown as an actress. “This amazing TV family works so hard to deliver the best in daytime drama,” she continued. “I’m so honored to have been a little part of it.”

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Fans may not know this but before Lopez arrived in town as Blaze in 2022, she appeared as a babysitter in 2015 and once again in 2016. However, it was her latter role that will be remembered by many — as well as her and Chase’s 2023 Nurses Ball performance and chemistry.

Blaze first turned up in November 2022, when she appeared at Charlie’s Pub and introduced herself to Chase and Brook Lynn. She had been scheduled to sing with Chase — and creepy Linc immediately believed that they would be a match made in heaven. From the get-go, Chase and Blaze bonded and she even revealed that her real name was Allison.

Linc is scummy with Blaze GH

Chase worried about Blaze every time Linc was around, due to the fact that he was a predator, and though Brook Lynn convinced him to stand back — and said they needed to destroy Linc on the down low — the Quartermaine stood up for Blaze at this year’s Nurses Ball and humiliated him in front of the entire town. Oh, yes, Linc tried to squirm his way out of Brook Lynn’s accusations but Dante came forward and threw the scumbag out for causing a public disturbance. And on Monday, April 17, Blaze appeared for the last time when she surprised Chase by turning up to speak on his behalf to the review committee.

Blaze speaks GH

“Even the dead come back in soaps,” Lopez teased. “So for now I’ll say, ‘See you around.'”

We wish the talented Lopez the best on her next endeavor and hope to once again see Blaze make a pit stop in Port Charles in the future.

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