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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI; ABC screenshot

It looks as though Constance Towers will be returning to General Hospital once again to bring Helena Cassadine back into the mix. It was revealed on the actress’ Facebook page that she had already taped some scenes for two airings in May.

“Good news for fans of Helena Cassadine,” the post alerted. “Constance Towers has taped scenes for some upcoming General Hospital episodes. The air dates for her appearances are May 5th and May 8th.”

However, as we all know, air dates are always subject to change, due to preemptions and such, but the page stated, “If we are advised of a programming change we will post it here.”

The last time we got a glimpse of Helena was in January 2022 when she crashed Luke’s memorial, if you will, via a video that was labeled “play me.” Everyone in attendance watched as Helena explained that if they were receiving her message then Luke was gone — and that she always told Luke that she, and only she, would have the last word. As Helena went on to bash Luke, Laura couldn’t take it anymore and shut it off.

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Prior to that, in February 2020, she appeared as a vision to Valentin, who was devastated to learn that Victor — not Mikkos — was his father. And after realizing that Charlotte was not about giving Stavros and Lulu a child but rather Helena’s way to have an heir with Luke’s genetic line, he smashed a bottle against the wall, which caused the vision to vanish.

And now, with everything going on surrounding Victor and the fact that his son turned his back on him, well, what better time to have Helena come back from the dead to give her two cents on the family’s latest drama!

Be sure not to miss the excitement ahead and stay up to date with everyone who has returned or is heading back to General Hospital.