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Laura, Valentin, Anna and Lucy’s problems just got a whole lot bigger, as they learned in the March 30 episode of General Hospital that Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby was found floating dead in the harbor.

Heather Mazur first aired in the role of Laura’s right-hand woman on December 20, 2021. Over time, viewers discovered that Eileen was not only the deputy mayor, but she was working for Victor Cassadine on the side. Eventually, Laura and the others realized Eileen’s real allegiance, and that they could use it to their advantage in their plan to take down Victor once and for all.

After Victor was led to believe Anna, Valentin and Lucy had perished when the catacombs of Partis they were in were flooded, Eileen began to be haunted by Anna’s voice telling her, “You’re next!” The hauntings increased, and when she was sent by Laura to identify Anna’s remains in the morgue, a ghostly Anna confronted her and forced her that she was working for Victor, which naturally she recorded.

Anna haunts Eileen GH

Once they had Eileen’s confession, Anna and the others threatened to reveal to the public her association with Victor unless she helped them bring him down. Realizing Victor would kill her if the truth was revealed, she was left with no choice but to do their bidding. She told them everything she knew about Victor’s plans, that he was looking for something, and the diamonds in the necklace he was after were the key. Anna and her colleagues ordered Eileen to deliver a fake necklace, with fake codes, to Victor. She did, but that’s where it all went south for her.

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Victor realized something was off when he tried to use a flash drive, which held his brother Mikko’s decryption codes, to unscramble the numbers etched into the diamonds into a set of coordinates. The coordinates were all wrong, and Eileen tried to convince him his brother Mikkos must have messed with the decryption program before his death. Victor assumed she was right, or at least played along with the explanation. However, when Eileen tried to abscond with the decryption key, Victor caught her red-handed and they took a trip to the footbridge on the edge of Port Charles. There Eileen tried to save her hide and told Victor everything, including that Anna, Valentin and Lucy were alive and had the real necklace. With no more use for her, Victor threw her over the side of the bridge.

Two days later, Eileen’s body was spotted floating in the harbor by Dex, who was out on a business trip with Sonny. Dex jumped in to fish the body out, and Sonny was stunned to see it was the deputy mayor.

Dex fishes out Eileen GH

Sonny delivered the news of Eileen’s death to Anna and Valentin, who realized Eileen likely told Victor everything before her death. With Victor onto his son, Anna and Laura’s plot against him, who knows what he will do next…

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