Cameron looking offscreen
Credit: ABC screenshot

It’s safe to say that fans were a bit surprised and more than a little devastated back when General Hospital‘s Cameron announced he had transferred to Stanford University and was leaving Port Charles for California. What did this mean? Was he truly leaving? Would he ever be coming back?

Well, it seems that no sooner did we get his official send-off this past Tuesday that we got the answer to all of those questions! Soap Opera Digest reports that Lipton and Cameron are headed back to Port Charles this summer naturally when the school year ends for the fictional and real-life college students!

Cam arrives with Esme GH

“Working at General Hospital has been such an important part of my life,” he told Digest. “And while I’m not planning on leaving yet, I just want everyone to know how grateful I am to be part of such an amazing community.”

What could be ahead for the character, though, is anyone’s guess. Josslyn has pretty thoroughly moved on — something Eden McCoy admits wasn’t easy. But with Michael in on her relationship with Dex and her in on her beau’s plotting with Michael, chances are that fresh relationship is in for a few bumps. Maybe Cameron would still have a shot after all?

Then again, Cam is one of the few people who’s got much of an inclination to treat an amnesiac Esme with kindness. As she said, it’s a shame one of the few people who doesn’t hate her is leaving town. And that certainly makes it seem like his return could spark a genuine friendship between them — if not more!

We’ll just have to wait and see, but luckily, it looks like we won’t be waiting too long!

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