By now most know that Saturday, April 1, marks General Hospital’s 60th anniversary, and viewers have been watching as many Port Charles residents are preparing for the big Nurses Ball event. In the newest spoilers, the ABC soap teased that on Wednesday, April 5, “a special music guest brings the house down,” which got us to thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing if a former fan favorite made a daytime comeback — even for one episode?

With Bobbie co-chairing the ball alongside Maxie, could you imagine if she brought Dr. Noah Drake back as Eli Love? Oh how we would love to see Rick Springfield back on the scene. Bobbie and Noah have quite the history and for those who don’t recall how Noah came to be Eli, well… While working with Patrick on the care for Eli Love, the singer had been set to undergo surgery, which in turn prevented him from performing at an AIDs charity concert. When Anna learned of this and noticed how much Noah looked like Eli, she helped him impersonate the singer. However, Noah, who was an alcoholic, eventually had to step back from “the rock star life.” Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time Springfield returned for the Nurses Ball…

rick Springfield nurses' ball gh

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And how about John Stamos? It’s no secret that he played one of daytime’s hottest 80’s heartthrobs, Blackie Parrish. In fact, Blackie and his girlfriend at the time, Lou Swenson, formed the band Frankie and the Riff Raff and later Frisco Jones came onboard as their lead singer, which brings us to…

blackie lou gh

Jack Wagner! Could Jack Wagner be the special musical guest? His character is Maxie’s father, after all, so that wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

Jack Wagner 02/84Photo by: Dianna Whitley_Shooting Star™

Or even Ricky Martin… Even though he only appeared for a handful of episodes in the 90’s as Lily Rivera’s fiancé, Miguel Morez, we all know that Martin can sing and who better to perform while some of Port Charles’ hotties shake their bon-bons?

miquel gh

Stay tuned!

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