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Well, it looks like General Hospital has said goodbye to Cameron as he, himself, said his farewells to everyone and headed off to college at Stanford on Wednesday, March 15. Getting a scholarship and the opportunity to play soccer out there was just too good to pass up. Though he played it off as an opportunity, Spencer wasn’t so sure and thought maybe Cam was just running away from the mess Esme’s caused since she showed up. And it does kind of makes sense after all that’s happened — especially now that Josslyn has moved on with Dex.

As one fan wrote, “I will miss William Lipton on General Hospital, but I now believe that Cameron going away is best for the character. He can get away from everything and finally put himself first!”

When you put it that way, it’s hard to argue! Heck, living in Port Charles doesn’t seem to be good for anyone’s mental health. So focusing on college on the other end of the country could be a much needed breather for him. But is Cam actually gone for good?

We have yet to get the official word and General Hospital hasn’t responded to attempts to confirm, but it seems like this may be it for William Lipton’s run as Cam — at least for now.

The show itself shared on Twitter yesterday that Cameron was making his big move to California. And there’s a whole lot of country between upstate New York and the West Coast. It doesn’t seem plausible that he’d be popping in all that much.

The fans are certainly saying their goodbyes as they take to social media to lament the loss. Like many, LizFanAnna was sad to see him go, but understanding that it may have been time. “I know he’s in college and has a band, so if it’s to pursue his dreams, I definitely wish him the best!”

Splitting your time between school, acting and music has got to be tough to pull off for anyone.

Wordsleadmeon agreed, writing, “As much as I hate the idea of William Lipton leaving GH, it’s completely understandable that he might want to spend more time on his music in addition to college. I’m so gonna miss his immense talent being part of the show, though.”

Still, this doesn’t mean it’s the absolute end for Lipton, especially since Cameron is such a beloved legacy character with Elizabeth as his mom. “I’m not ready,” Alli admitted. “I hope he comes back to visit. William Lipton is so, so loved!”

And hey, that’s always a possibility! After all, colleges do have winter and summer breaks! For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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