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Well fans, there’s about to be a familiar face — and a big fan favorite — making her way back to General Hospital. Emma Samms will be turning up once again in Port Charles as Holly beginning on Friday, April 14, as exclusively reported by Soap Opera Digest.

We first saw the ABC soap vet make her daytime comeback last October when Holly made a shocking reappearance after Michael and Olivia found her in the Quartermaine boathouse. Olivia wasn’t the only one stunned to come face to face with Holly but Robert couldn’t believe his eyes as well. Robert relayed that they thought she was dead and had been missing for two years but Holly only recalled having been on a boat — and had no idea how she made her way back to Port Charles.

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As her return began to unfold, it was later revealed that Victor had been blackmailing Holly and using her against her friends, Robert and Anna. He even went so far as threatening to take Robert out if she didn’t keep him distracted while he framed Anna and reminded her that he bought her freedom from Winston Rudge. But that wasn’t all… Victor also reminded her of the one she left behind, which in turn infuriated Holly, who vowed to kill Victor if he harmed “him,” which was later revealed to be her son Ethan.

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Samms then exited the role in November 2022 when Felicia and Robert helped stage a fiery explosion and made it appear that she had been burned over 70% of her body. This way, they could send Holly off to a burn clinic halfway around the world in order to get her away from Victor. And just last week, viewers watched as Selina thought back on drugging Victor then reported to Holly that the drug she paid her to slip into Victor’s drink had greatly affected him.

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So, what does her return mean for Victor? Will she be able to get the upper hand on the Cassadine? Did she end up saving Ethan? Or will Victor turn the tables on her and follow through with his threat to cause further damage to those she holds near and dear?

Stay tuned!

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