baby ace gh
Credit: ABC screenshot

The latest newcomer in Port Charles is absolutely adorable and though little baby Ace was born into madness surrounding his mom Esme and his father Nikolas, we wanted to give the child actors a proper welcome to daytime. The Zuri Agency announced that Jay and Joey Clay are playing baby Ace and shared the cutest photo of them on their official Instagram page.

And if that pic didn’t melt your heart, we just had to share this one from the boys’ page of the “little valentines” from last month all decked out in hearts, where it was a “stay in jammies kind of day.”

But all of the cuteness aside, their character is front and center and involved in one of the ABC soap’s biggest storylines at the moment. For those who need a refresher, Ace was the result of a one-night stand between Nik and Esme, and though his mama appears to have lost her memory, the fact that she named him Ace makes us wonder just how long it’ll be before her memories of being held captive at Wyndemere will come rushing back. Why, you ask?

Poor Esme GH

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Well, if viewers recall, it was when she was locked up in the north tower that Esme rubbed her belly and called her unborn child her “ace in the hole,” so when she named her baby Ace… well, either she does remember and is really good at playing an amnesiac or it’s only a matter of time before more triggers bring back other memories of her previous life.

While we wait for the next memory to drop, look at photos of more adorable kids who have played on soaps.