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If you were among those holding out hope that Jon Lindstrom’s run as Ryan hadn’t really come to an end, it might be time to face facts. Because while folks in Port Charles routinely return from the dead, a message from the actor to one of his co-stars makes it pretty clear that Ryan’s time is up.

“Thanks for the fun Maura,” he wrote to the wildly talented Maura West, whose Ava has long been the object of Ryan’s obsession. “It’s been a slice!” This was followed by the hashtag solidifying Ryan’s fate: #TheEndHasCome.


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Of course, the best part of this is that while Ryan may have left the building, Kevin — aka Lindstrom’s other Port Charles character — remains. And while Kevin and Ava haven’t interacted all that much in the past, one never knows when that might change.

In response to Lindstrom’s post, West shared the below photo of them in mouse ears. So cute is the photo that it left Eden McCoy (Joss) summing things up perfectly with a tweet reading, “Amazing, amazing, amazing!”

We couldn’t have said it better.

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Meanwhile, the comments beneath both photos were filled with praise for the performances given by not only West and Lindstrom, but the other actors included in those tense Wyndemere scenes. That included Avery Pohl (Esme), John J. York (Mac), Kristina Wagner (Felicia) and Alley Mills (Heather).

“What a performance,” Instagrammer Reniebritenbucherart wrote. “Thank you for giving us Ryan. You gave him this patietic side that almost made me very slightly feel sorry for him!”

And despite all evidence to the contrary, some refused to believe that the baddie is actually gone. “Come on,” wrote lisamgustafson. “Ryan is just too crazy-good of a character to die. I mean, anything can happen, right?”
Spoken like a true General Hospital fan!
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